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Exceptional Non-Medical Home Care Services

Our Homemaker Service at Community Helping Hands aims to help and maintain the elderly and disabled remain in their homes, who would otherwise be threatened with illness, desertion of social and daily activities and be forced to be prematurely institutionalized in a facility.

Our Homemakers allow the possibility for the elderly and disabled to continue living independently in a loving and surrounding environment where they feel safe and secure, a place that many of us call home! We are responsible, caring and empathic individuals who have demonstrated that you can help those in need to continue to function during a crisis.

Many times we don't realize how we take for granted what comes natural to us on our daily activities, while others do not have a choice in this gift. This is where we bring in our experience and professional help. Our Homemakers are honest, attentive and reliable to all our of our client needs.

About Our Agency Services

It may be hard for your loved one to accept the idea of needing help. You can count on our home assistants to make living easier and safer for your loved one. Our staff is licensed and insured. When we have to carry out shopping services, any money transactions will be accurately accounted for by providing a receipt and counting the change back.

Many of the clients we are hired to help are frail and elderly, which means they are no longer as capable of doing the things they want to do on their own as they used to be. In many cases, they have lost the ability to go out and be social, and even to perform basic household maintenance/cleaning. This is where we step in! Our non-medical home care services are geared towards helping our clients retain their independence, while ensuring they never lose their DIGNITY, RESPECT OR PRIDE. If you are in Danbury and are looking for a compassionate, caring, and professional non-medical home care service professional, give our team a call!

What are the Benefits of Non-Medical Home Care?

Community Helping Hands has been providing care for clients in Danbury since 2001, and has quickly become one of the most trusted in-home care companies in the area. We pride ourselves in not only providing fantastic care, but also helping our clients regain and maintain their dignity, respect, and sense of self-worth. Our team are comprised of fully-licensed home care attendants that are honest, reliable, and truly care about the wellbeing of clients. This level of care and attentiveness helps clients that are frail, elderly, and unable to do the things they used to be able to do unassisted. In many cases, they have lost some of the things in life that many of us take for granted, like social interactions and the ability to tidy up around the house. Our team of home care professionals allow clients to remain living in an environment they feel comfortable in, and take care of the things they are no longer able to effectively do themselves. In many cases, helping a client remain in an environment that is comfortable to them (their home) eases feelings of anxiety and makes their living experience more enjoyable.

If you or someone you love is in need of regaining their pride and independence, call us today at (203) 790-5577. Let us begin to make a difference.


We are helping people stay in their homes!

Community Helping Hands

Our Homemaker services include:

• Bedroom cleaning

• Kitchen cleaning

• Bathroom cleaning

• Laundry service

• Meal preparation

• Transportation

• Grocery and clothing shopping

• Prescription pick-up

We Serve Danbury & Surrounding Areas

Community Helping Hands is proud to have been providing in-home care services to clients in the Danbury area since 2001. If you are in need of a professional home care agency, get in touch with us using the information below, regardless of whether you are in Danbury or any of the surrounding areas!

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